Why my platform just won’t grow?

Book Selector Wood
5 min readMay 31, 2022

OK, this desperate question is asked by many people.

No matter people from the agency or small business, I have heard so much.

So you are not alone if you are asking it. And I have some suggestions you may want to know.

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Yes, what KPI do you really care about is the first thing.

What do you want from social media?

Awareness? Community building? Sales or leads?

These are highly affecting how you engage with the platform, what messages you will need to convey through the media.

If you long for community building, but no interactive content, no interaction between your followers, people will leave. To make it worse, bombard those long for interaction with all the call-for-action selling content. You will see how fast people leave you, and never look back.

Content type and length

This matters, a lot.

I have been running a bookstagram account, and recently I started another one for a small experiment. I set a completely different character and tone for the experiment account. And the content type and length that works on the two accounts are different.

Completely different.

So if you are running multiple accounts, remember to speak like that account. The tone, the length, the slide show length, or the length of reels.

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I have handled an account at an agency during my past jobs. The person that views the account is completely different from who the brand targeted. So the tone doesn’t appeal to the one who views it. And those who should engage with the content didn’t view the account at all.

You can think of it now: Low following rate, low engagement rate, and low conversion rate.

At this point, keeping on creating loads of content is a waste of time and resources. Sit down and replan everything is a better choice.



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