The 4 exact steps I used to land a job as a Project Manager

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3 min readSep 25, 2021

I don’t have a very intelligent mind.I didn’t graduate from fancy University, my school are my like fancy vocational schools only. And what makes things worse, my grades sucks. So I didn’t start out from famous consulting firms. Some of you followed me for a while knows, I recently add bumpy career to my already not-so-good CV.

BUT, I landed a job as a project manager in a building and supply company. Nice title, nice salary, developing firm.

And this is how I planned out my own life, in the last four years after I graduated.

1 Make sure there is some highlights in you CV to Kickstart your career

Take myself as an example, bad grades bad school. However, I got some decent internship in Mainland China. I am also Vice president or secretary for some society in school,with one of them not hobby society.

These all triggers the interest in employers. You show that I may not have the best academic results, I can do the work for you. And get them done properly. You may not land the job immediately after you graduate as your excellent classmates, you are still better than many people already.

2 Don’t ask for too much from your first job

It is absolutely fine to find a better job,but not overdo it. Because you see yourself as a strong university graduate, but you are just a blank slate in many employers mind(Once again, if you had excellent GPA, very high end internship records. Just go for the stars)

Aim for middle size company first. They might not be as famous, they might not have great management. But they can help you learn lot. The relationship is also much closer, so it is a great way to build network in your industry.

Also work for a longer time in your first job or at least one of your jobs. So that you can say I have a bumpy career not because I am irresponsible, but because of other reasons.

3 Write job descriptions in your cv

It might sound strange, but job duties under the same title can be very different. By describing what you really did in your job help you understand your experience. Also it can show that you care about you past job. (One of the interviewer actually told me that,although eventually I didn’t pick his job offer.)

For someone who start career with a job,which is title is so special that nobody understands what is it, the description can raise the chance of interview. So try do this,and write with precise wording. Show them you can write well too.

4 Invest in yourself

After you get your first salary, I know you are so excited that you want to spend all of them. I understand, I have been there. But I recommend save up some of them, than invest back in yourself or your career.

  • get some professional society membership
  • take courses that are related to you career
  • go to seminars and social with others,get in touch with the Industry

These are how you show the company you are not lazy. You won’t stop developing yourself. You want to reach higher. And all those networking help you get higher. Tell them you will improve yourself to adapt to the society.

Now you have a great start, and start laying your pathway. Maybe you already have calls from HRs about interviews. And that’s where I should stop. Because I sucks at interviews(I panic when I face people easily).


  1. Start getting some highlights for you CV when you are still in UNI and have plenty of time
  2. Choose a job that can help you learn and build network, not the one that treats you as just bolt and nuts of a machine
  3. Have descriptions of your job experiences in your CV
  4. Invest in your career development



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