Reflection on my Digital decluttering Journey

Almost a year has gone by now, and I learned some important lessons

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So last year in March, I wrote about starting my digital decluttering journey.

At that time, I get my inspiration from Netflix's decluttering shows and a book talking about bookshelves and bookshops. They are still shows I loved and book I go back to from time to time.

And now is the time to do a small reflection on my progress.


Recap scope from a year ago:

  1. Netflix playlist
  2. Twitter follows+Instagram follows
  3. Email subscriptions
  4. Browser and Instagram Bookmarks
  5. YouTube subscriptions
  6. The “junk drawer” of your cloud storage and laptop/PC

I successfully worked on my Netflix list, email subscriptions, Twitter and Instagram follows and email subscription. I also handled the cloud junk drawer and dig out some really important documents and photos.

Junk Drawer is now also removed from all my devices and the cloud. Forcing myself to document things instantly every time.

The browser bookmark is also cleaned, and it is like going through the change of my instant throughout a couple of busy years. And see myself getting a more career path, seeing what I like is getting more grown-upish.

This is such a fun journey.

But, my Instagram bookmark is still a pandora box. Becoming something I need to put more effort in, while maintaining to do all the above.

I also need to start edit out some of my social media account that no longer serve me. Maybe revamp them or simply remove them. So I can have a better start for my own business. (Yes, I am planning on starting my own business!)



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