My digital decluttering journey

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4 min readMar 8, 2022

I am a hoarder, I have serious FOMO. I admit it. And I work on it


I follow a lot of accounts, subscribe to loads of emails newsletters. Because I think I need their content or their service later. But to be honest, I seldom open some of them.

And the most important problem is, they keep popping up and blocking me away from what I really need. I need to go through so many useless info to reach the emails I really needed. Very frustrating.

I once read a book said that the bookshelf of a person is a collection of what it in ones mind. A keepsake for ones interest and mind. The writer of that book suggests that books bought unread is fine, and hoarding book is fine.

I think this also work for your browser bookmark, twitter and instagram follows, and instagram bookmark. I agree with using them as a keepsake of ideas and visualizing what is in my mind.

But, I think that they need editing all the time.

Decluttering, managing, extract what is only needed.

My Decluttering Scope

I always said things can’t go well with a scope. Set yourself scopes and boundaries, go step by step in it. After finishing, start another scope.When it comes to digital decluttering, these are what get my focus the most:

  1. Netflix playlist
  2. Twitter follows+Instagram follows
  3. Email subscriptions
  4. Browser and instagram Bookmarks
  5. YouTube subscriptions
  6. The “junk drawer” of your cloud storage and laptop/PC

My Method

For old storage, look at the topic and see do you remember why you store it. If yes, open it, see if you still need that information. Copy out what needed to a designated document about that topic. Than delete the old news.

If you don’t even remember why you bookmark it or follow it. Just remove it. If you need it again, you can always google again.

Don’t let any bookmark function become junk drawers

And trust me, you won’t even remember you bookmarked that page at all after a while. So copy out the info you need to designated word document or obsidian or notion, what ever note system you use.

Book Selector Wood

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