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3 min readApr 1, 2022

I am no expertise, I am a new writer myself. I am just sharing from a new writer perspective, with a low kickoff budget.

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We all know there are loads of writer portfolio platform to choose from. Type “Writer Portfolio” into Google search, you get overwhelming amount of results. But some still struggle to start, because of low kickoff budget.

I have been there, I know the pain. So I try something new

It might take a little more work, but at least you can start

For People to see you

Yes, sometimes people just come across your profile, see your writing and give you a chance. So make every channel count.

Your Freelance Site Profile

The first thing to handle seriously, are all the self-introduction on freelance site and selling sites. Please pay some effort and make it right! Tailor your profile introduction for every site.

What to personalize for platforms: the tone, the content, the structure

Think of this as your CV cover letter. You won’t use the same cover letter for all companies. So don’t do this to your freelance site profiles.

Think of the USP I mentioned in my last article. Highlight it in the profile. Make people notice you.

blog as writer portfolio
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Write on blogging platform

Writing on blogging platform is one of the well-know way to kickoff. And it is also an efficient way to do so. You can group all your writings in one place. It also makes your life easier when you create the portfolio for sending out to potential employers. I will explain later.

Not to mention, someone may just stop by, see your article and likes it. And he may have some offer for you

For sending out

Create a PDF file

I use this version for replying to employers on Upwork and emails.



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