Four free sites for content writers to learn design

Now writers also need to do design work. And there are fun ways to learn the skills.

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We love to write and do some design and be creative. But making great design take skills. Learning the traditional way can be boring, so let's learn the fun way. By playing games.

Can’t Unsee

Can’t Unsee is a site that trains you to do good overall design, UX design, and a critical eye for alignments. 18 questions for each stage, there are three stages. The hard stage can be a real challenge.

The compare function lets you see the difference easily, it will also point out the problem for you.

Kern Type

Kern Type is a test site that helps you grasp the sense of font spacing. It includes all type of fonts, and have background info of the font shown.

After you give out your answer, you receive your score and the solution.

The clean and sleek UX is so satisfying.

It is one of the games from the It is free but you can support the creator by buying him or her a coffee.

Color Game

Another game from the, Color Game is a fun game to play, testing your sensitivity on hue, saturation, complementary, analogs, triadic and tetradic. It has a time limit for each question, so it can be challenging. But it is also a great way to test your progress.

You can reach their Twitter here.

This is testing your sense of pixel. Yes, pixels.

There will be five rounds, for you to free-hand draw shape that has width and height with the exact pixel you are asked for.

Simple but not easy.

I truly failed hard on this game and still practicing.


I hope the sites shared above can help fellow writers learn more about design. The knowledge in these games are essential to create the best graphic you need.

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