Earn with your passion- A book review

Looking for a life goal and ways to shine with your passion? I am sharing how.

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3 min readJun 19, 2022


  • Book name: The Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life―A Creative and Practical Guide
  • Author: Margaret Lobenstine
  • ISBN:9781615190928 / 9780767923965
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I am picking this because the Chinese name of the book is about thinking about your life as a bowl of ice cream.


You can have a lot of passion, and it is not a problem that you want to do all of them. The problem is how you find out your passion, identify what can be used to make a living, and what for charity purposes. Then is how to allocate your precious time and allocate your resources.

And when the project process, you will need to ask for help.

This book guide you to do all these step-by-step, with great logic and exercises.

This is also the guidebook for me to make such big changes, it saved my life.

Just answer some of the hard questions in the exercise. The case study in the book is also inspiring when you try to answer all the questions that require you to look back through your life.


Teenagers and career seeking

For people like me, still developing their careers, I suggest you go to chapter two and three first. They are packed with useful information on how to develop your career that works for all your passions. It even tells you how to write your CV if you are changing fields.

These two chapters help me land my first job with minimum experience when I first shift field.

The exercise helps you find out your passion, what makes you feel stuck at work. The system helps you answer what makes you end up in a job that got you stuck. Then tell you how…



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