Copywriter and Writing AIs are doomed to rivalries?

Book Selector Wood
2 min readJan 9, 2023

So as a copywriter, writing AI like Jasper and Frase sounds like a direct competition. And this is how some of my teammates think. That they are the one that make copywriters lose their job. But for me it is a life saver at work, completely.

1/ No more blocks

Writers hates blocks. It slow down work efficiency, it can be your culprit for over time work as an in-house writer. But with the help of some SEO Tools and AI, my productivity doubled up.

And no more blocks!

2/ Best helper for Test content

As an SEO writer, I have to make a lot of choices on keywords everyday. It can be a daunting task even with planers. Because time investment into one SEO long copy can sometime take longer than expected. If it flops, it cause time for you to reach team KPI (let’s be honest, that is important too)

But with the help of AI, it can be much easier to start with two short AB-test articles before investing in a long, hand-crafted copy. It can make every sweat you put into work efficient.

3/ Increase output

So the boss always wants more output, but you have limited hours. And who want to work overtime. AI can be a great helper for you. For it to write raw writings, and you just need to refine it.

If you are working in an e-commerce platform like me, maybe you can also add some product from your site for conversion. Maybe you can add links to promotion pages for in-site link building. And it will look just well while saving you lots of tme

Happy outcome for both you and your boss.



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