Can there be friendship at work

Some say it works but some don’t? So how is it?

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3 min readSep 3, 2022

So this is a great question here. Is it possible to have friendships at work?

To me it can be, it depends.

And here are some elements I think are very important.

Friends at work can be real. It depends on how you treat your colleagues. Stock photo from pexels.

1/ How united your team is.
Yes, this is important. Tell me, if there are so many finger pointing in a team, how can there be friendship?

But if the team is united, and going through hardships together. It is possible for a friendship to come. Even you don’t classify it as friendship under very detailed separation standards.

It is still a very strong bond you can look up to when you need help.

2/ Come from the same background
So you can have a similar thinking mindset.

I have worked as a marketer for different companies and met people from different walks. And this is very obvious to me that if you have a similar academic background, you can stay closer.

I have been studying engineering before getting into the marketing field. That makes me able to work well with engineering-related companies as a consultant.

Some of the clients are still a friend of mine and we have a strong relationship.

Of course, we are not close as sisters that tell each other our very private stories, but we meet up from time to time without talking business.

Stay thankful to everyone who helps you. Even on the tiniest thing. Gratitude will come back to you. Stock photo from pexel.

3/ Stay polite!
Yes, stay polite in every single collaboration with every single client. Even be nice to their junior worker or janitor when you visit their office.

I learn this when I am a kid. And I keep this with me ever since.

I take it to another level when I read books from Yataro Matsuura.

He shows me how important it is to stay true and polite during work. It may show your vulnerability. But this is how your build relationship with others.

Especially if you are looking for bonds beyond colleagues or clients.

And yes, “Thank you” is the best magic word. Use it more. It is how you send out positive vibes to others and in return receive some. So don’t hold back. Use it every single day.

4/ Set Boundaries
To protect yourself from bitches.

Yes, you are nice to people, you get tools in your pocket to hold strong relationships now.

But please set boundaries.

Because there are energy vampires at work, there are bitches at work. You being nice can make them get better. Keep your energy to those who care for you.

Also, keep some energy to be nice to yourself. Say thank you to your inner child every single day.

Don’t burn yourself out because of the freaking bitches. Not worth it.



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