5 Working Background Music Videos I Loved

And I am sharing all my fav for true.

Book Selector Wood
2 min readFeb 21, 2023

So we all love some nice background music when working. And today I am going to share some of my favourite videos and playlists.

Spotify Playlists

My own monthly playlist

I build my own monthly playlist and get them ready by the end of each month. For example, this is my Feb one. So I can have some music to listen to even when I am hiking and run low on data.

I get inspiration from Spotify suggestions and Instagram accounts like @himekuriplaylist. So most of them are Japanese songs.

6 hour worth of songs curated by me and always great to listen to on shuffle, no nasty surprises included.

Melancholy Instrumental Mix

This is a playlist generated by Spotify for you. Everybody will be different, but the softer tones are really good if you are doing an all-nighter. Make you feel much less stressed and away from sleepless nights.

Youtube videos

A great choice if you are working under stable connections, and a great way to find new inspirations! And lot of great curators on Youtube creating videos on cafe noises/white noises. I love those!

And my all time favourite has to be this one or any background videos from calm. Never fail to keep me from burn out during my first year at work, and put me back together when I am falling to pieces last year. This playlist is the one I always go back to.

So bright and light music that make you feel better at work, especially near time to get out of office or after lunch. 2 hours may seems a bit short if you love 4 or 5 hours worth of music though. And the next one is great for you.

This one is for jazz lovers! So great and cozy, with calming gentle rain sound. I love this one when I was studying for my postgraduates and doing all the revisions. Again, I am a fireplace/rain sound girl.

So above is my fav 5 worktime BGMs, I still got a lot in the bag waiting to share with you all.

Until next time.



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